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Chad Bowar

Slayer Interview

By November 5, 2009

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Slayer's place in metal history is secure. They are one of the most influential bands in the history of the genre, with some great albums and legions of memorable live shows. More than a quarter century later, the band remains at the top of their game. Their 10th studio album is World Painted Blood, which was produced by Greg Fidelman (Slipknot, Metallica). The band is very happy with how their latest CD turned out, as drummer Dave Lombardo relates. We also talked about the possibility of visiting his native Cuba, his kids' musical aptitude, and many other topics.

Chad Bowar: Slayer has a trademark sound, but each album also has things that differentiate it from previous CDs, and World Painted Blood is no exception. Is that something you focus on, or does it come naturally during the songwriting process?
Dave Lombardo: That's something that comes naturally as the songs develop. The sound (on World Painted Blood) had a lot to do with the producer and the engineer. The producer was there at the beginning of rehearsals. He showed up to listen to the band in its rawest form, which is just two half stacks, a drum set with no mikes on it and Tom with a small P.A. With that he was able to capture the band's true sound without any microphones or playing live or being masked by another engineer trying to tune the band. We were really happy with the process.

What was your selection process for choosing Greg Fidelman to produce?
He was a recommendation from Rick Rubin. If he recommends him, we're sure he's good. We're definitely happy with his choice, and we've knighted him the fifth member.

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