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Chad Bowar

5 Questions With Bezoar

By December 8, 2012

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5 Questions With... is your chance to get to know a new or up-and-coming metal band. Bezoar hail from Brooklyn, and their full-length debut is Wyt Deth. Vocalist/bassist Sara Villard introduces us to her band.

Give us a brief history of Bezoar.
Guitarist Tyler Villard and I began playing music together after other projects fell away in 2005. We started out slowly learning each other's styles and finding other people to play with. The first project we started had me only on vocals and one of our friends on the upright bass with Tyler's crazy guitars and a drummer. We called that Teratoma. We toured as Teratoma for one short sprint to the Midwest and back, but soon members changed and the upright bass wasn't working out that well. We also heard of a band using the same name signed to Ipecac Records, so we figured we would start a new band and that's how Bezoar began its formation.

We had a drummer Jesse Smith in the beginning, but then we went through a hard time finding someone permanent until we found Justin Sherrell to fill the drummer position in 2010. Now we are on a roll having released our first record in June 2012 with the next one on the way due out this Spring/Summer 2013.

Describe the style/sound of Wyt Deth.
I could use all the catch phrases and genres you can see on any review about the record, but I'd rather say Wyt Deth is a series of intense movements that structurally challenge traditional song formations, and flow through a darkness allowing new thoughts, much like a psychology session of epic proportions.

What has the response to the album been like so far?

So far we have received wonderful reviews and there is a lot of interest in Europe. Our next move besides writing the new record is trying to get out there ASAP. I think people like the record, but it is an intense ride that takes a few listens to appreciate the complete product.

My favorite review was from a guy who hated it at first, then listened to it over and over again almost in an intrigued fury. Then he decided it was one of his favorite records of the year. This response is what I hope for in a listener, because most of my favorite albums have given me this same feeling. I like to feel challenged in this way.

What has been your most memorable Bezoar live show, and what are your upcoming tour/show plans?
I think our most memorable show was when we got to open for Pentagram in Brooklyn. This show was packed and crazy, everything feels like a whirlwind from that night, but it was very exciting and awesome to open for legends of that proportion. Plus, since Tyler and I met we have been listening to Pentagram together, so it was rewarding to know we were there on stage before them. That is the most memorable as far as exciting, but there are so many more memorable shows that have nothing to do with excitement levels! Man there are freaks everywhere! We love touring and experiencing people on the road more than anything.

As far as tour goes, we are planning some U.S. sprints for April-June and once the new record comes out, we will do a full U.S. tour. Like I said before, Europe is the next goal, so whenever that works out as well, most likely next fall.

Anything else you'd like to mention or promote?
Our first video for "Friend Of My Enemy," compiled, shot, and edited by Frank Huang is now available. We are working on more videos, music, and touring begins after winter. We want to come to your town! Check us out on Bandcamp, Facebook and Blogspot.


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