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Chad Bowar

5 Questions With Sparrows

By December 22, 2012

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5 Questions With... is your chance to get to know a new or up-and-coming metal band. Sparrows hail from Texas, and their latest release is Mark Of The Beast: Indoctrination. Drummer Bryan Nicholas introduces us to his band.

Give us a brief history of Sparrows.
Sparrows is a black/death metal band from Dallas, Texas. We have been around in some form since January of 2010. We started the band just to challenge ourselves as musicians and write music. I record, mix and master all of our music in our jam room/recording studio in Dallas. We have been playing shows around Dallas and have recorded four records so far.

How would you describe the style/sound of Mark Of The Beast: Indoctrination?
This is a tough one. As an artist, I look at the music from the point of view of what we intended it to sound like. Sometimes I find it difficult to be objective about our music because I am so fully immersed in it. With helping to write the music, drumming on the music, and then recording, mixing, and mastering the music, my ears tend to turn to mush.

But to answer your question, we would describe it as American deathened black metal. I kind of feel that American metal is seen as substandard by Europeans. They see American metal as redneck metal or the scene stuff that has been plaguing society. A few of the European sites were less than thrilled with our genre blending, but the American sites have seemed to enjoy it a lot. Isn't that what America is all about? Taking from everything and putting it into a melting pot.

We take our favorite things from metal, which are admittedly mostly European black and death metal bands, and make our own sound. Lyrically, we like to write about our shared hatred of Christianity, but we also enjoy writing about music and movies. I do feel that the anti-religious sentiment will always be a part of our band. Discussion about religion comes up regularly at rehearsal and it would be hard to find four guys that shared similar views on a number of issues like we do.

What has been your most memorable Sparrows live show, and what are your upcoming show/tour plans?

Our last two CD release shows were great. The best we have played. However, it seems that every show is better. As our name gets out there more and more, the crowds get bigger and more excited.

As far as touring, this is the part of the plan that has only now begun to take effect. We have been getting a lot of offers from cities in our region like Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, Shreveport to come and play. It's something we are looking forward to in the coming year. Reaching new people in the region is important and we are excited to take our sound to as many people as possible.

What's the metal scene like in Dallas, and what other bands from there should we be aware of?
There has never been a very good sense of camaraderie in the Dallas extreme metal scene. It's always been every band for themselves. It seems that this is changing, however. We have been befriended by several amazingly talented bands lately. Verdict of Vengeance are some of our closest friends and we admire them on a number of levels. I've never seen a group of guys that faced such adversity and never lost a step. Another band that we really like is Sincerely the Reaper. We love that these guys are also super Euro influenced and they are so young! They really have a sound that will be huge one day.

Anything else you'd like to mention or promote?
We just released our new album and you can purchase it for $6.66 on our Bandcamp with free shipping. It's the first part in a three part series so you can look forward to another release that adds to this one in 2013. Check us out on Facebook to keep up to date and make sure to check out our friends in VOV and STR.


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