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Doom Metal
Doom metal has its origins in the early 70's, with heavy metal band Black Sabbath playing songs with slow riffing and dark, foreboding lyrics. In the 80's, bands ...
Best Doom Metal Albums - Heavy Metal - About.com
A list of essential doom metal albums, as selected by About.com Heavy Metal.
10 of the Best Finnish Heavy Metal Bands - About.com
With 2003's The Morning Never Came, death/doom metal band Swallow The Sun began their slow rise in the underground metal scene. Pacing is the name of ...
Your True Tales of Doom Metal Music and Paranormal Activity
It could be any kind, from Baroque Pop to Latin Pop, to Heavy Metal (the one I enjoy the most), and to Doom Metal, the one that I've been most into lately.
Essential Doom Metal Albums - Heavy Metal - About.com
A list of recommended doom metal albums from About.com Heavy Metal.
Novembers Doom Interview - Heavy Metal - About.com
2014 interview with Novembers Doom vocalist Paul Kuhr. The band's latest album is Bled White.
Heavy Metal Artists and Heavy Metal Styles - About.com
Information about and links to heavy metal artists and genres such as death metal, black metal, traditional metal, doom metal, progressive metal, gothic metal,  ...
Conan - Monnos Review - Heavy Metal - About.com
When I say Conan are a colossally heavy British doom metal band, I hope you'll immediately think of Electric Wizard, perhaps Moss if you're an aficionado of ...
Best Swedish Heavy Metal Bands - About.com
Candlemass are one of the pioneers of doom metal. They've been doing it for over 20 years, and original vocalist Messiah Marcolin has once again left the band ...
Novembers Doom Interview - Heavy Metal - About.com
Novembers Doom is one of the staples of doom metal, yet their sound has evolved over the years to the point where it's tough to categorize them in such a ...
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