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Amorphis - 'Skyforger'

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Amorphis - Skyforger

Amorphis - Skyforger

Nuclear Blast Records
Since vocalist Tomi Joutsen joined the band a few years ago, Amorphis has been on a roll. Skyforger is the Finnish group's third album with Joutsen at the mic, and it continues their momentum.

Amorphis uses the Finnish national epic Kalevala as their lyrical inspiration once again on Skyforger, and the music is similar in style to their recent releases, combining progressive, dark, melodic death and folk metal.

Skyforger is very melodic, with hooks aplenty and memorable choruses, but also has plenty of punch. The album kicks off with a couple of medium tempo tracks before slowing down on "From The Heaven Of My Heart." It's a radio friendly song with melodic singing from Joutsen.

A couple songs later Amorphis amps up the intensity with "Majestic Beast." It features heavy guitars and mostly growling vocals. There are some melodic parts as well, and the word majestic really describes the song well.

Throughout the rest of Skyforger, Amorphis mixes things up well. "My Sun" is dark and atmospheric with piano and keyboard interspersed amongst the guitars. "Highest Star" has strong folk influences, and the title track continues those influences before kicking into gear.

Amorphis have crafted another outstanding album. The songs on Skyforger flow together seamlessly into a diverse and memorable whole.

(released June 16, 2009 on Nuclear Blast Records)

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