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Armed For Apocalypse - 'Defeat'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Armed For Apocalypse - Defeat

Armed For Apocalypse - Defeat

Ironclad Recordings

The Bottom Line

Grimy sludge metal that starts off adequately enough, before turning into a brooding spectacle of sonic dissonance and aggression.
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  • Aggression is off the charts.
  • Great guitar work in the latter portions of the album.
  • Heavy as hell, yet bolstered by a groove-infused vibe.


  • Starts out slow with the unimpressive "We Fell From The Bottom."
  • Harsh vocal style that have been heard a thousand times over.


  • Released September 15, 2009 on Ironclad Recordings.
  • Armed For Apocalypse’s first album.
  • Mixed by Eric Stenman (Deftones).

Guide Review - Armed For Apocalypse - 'Defeat'

With a sound that could tear siding off a house, and a churning whirlpool of aggression that never lets up, Armed For Apocalypse delivers a collection of pummeling sludge metal tracks on their debut album Defeat. On the surface, the breakdowns and monotonous screams and grunts will draw little more than a brief glance from many metal fans. Digging deeper into the album unearths a broader musical scope and slightly melodic crust that shows that the band has more than one layer to their sound.

Opener “We Fell From The Bottom” is an inauspicious start, a long and brutal number that acts as a clear annihilation of the senses, but doesn’t challenge any conventions. The first signs that things are about to get interesting is with the explosive thrash breakdown in “The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Men.” The band kicks it into another gear from this point on, throwing out the excessive breakdowns and adding in a larger sludge presence.

The breathless onslaught brought about by “A Failure” and “Hero Complex” is where Armed For Apocalypse appears to become the bastard stepchild of Down and Corrosion of Conformity. The band even adds a cover of Down’s “Temptation’s Wings” as a hidden track for good measure. They work well with a groove-fused approach that puts a spotlight on the stellar guitar work, downplaying the standard harsh vocal style that has been heard a countless number of times.

Armed For Apocalypse works well with not just the sludge metal sound, but with the more hostile material that puts an emphasis on plodding breakdowns. A bleak atmosphere is the pool that the band bathes in, inviting the clueless in for a quick and deadly swim. While the longer songs have a tendency to ramble aimlessly, and the album gets off to a slow start, Defeat is a solid debut album with a lot of promising attributes to build off of.

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