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Aeon - Aeons Black Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Aeon - Aeons Black

Aeon - Aeons Black

Metal Blade Records
Surprise, surprise, Sweden’s Aeon are NOT playing Swedish death metal. Instead, Aeon have released a steady stream of solid death metal albums firmly entrenched in the sound of the early Florida scene. Obviously influenced by bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, Aeon have still managed to carve for themselves a niche that is probably just below that of the genre’s most well known bands.

At first glance, particularly on their earlier albums, Aeon seem to be a clone of Cannibal Corpse, in particular, and Deicide. However, with Aeons Black, the band’s strongest effort to date, Aeon separate themselves from their influences and establish their own identity.

Sure, Aeons Black sounds quite similar to later Cannibal Corpse albums with the same amount of technicality and brutality, songs backed up by huge riffs, and a thoroughly modern and crushing production. However, Aeons Black features excellent songwriting with just the right blend of all out blasts intertwined with slower, crushing moments replete with great riffs.

Lending a great amount of credibility to Aeon’s sound is vocalist Tommy Dahlström, who clearly enunciates, delivering scathing, powerful vocals with a clarity that is missing from most death metal. In fact, so good is Dahlström is that his delivery is comparable to that of Ross Dolan of Immolation, although Immolation and Aeon are musically dissimilar.

Regardless of clarity, though, Aeons Black would still be quickly relegated to second tier status were it not for the excellent songwriting that shines through on standout tracks such as the middle of the album scorchers “I Wish You Death” and “Garden Of Sin.”

Loaded top to bottom with such tracks, Aeons Black, though clocking in at a rather long running time of 51 minutes, is a ferocious beast and is a thoroughly awesome death metal album.

(released November 20, 2012 on Metal Blade Records)

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