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Anthrax Profile




Megaforce Records


New York thrash band Anthrax made a name for themselves in the '80s with their unique attire and humorous lyrical content. Considered one of the “Big 4” of thrash metal, Anthrax has carved out a legacy not only full of memorable songs, but one with its share of ups and downs.

Early Days:

Anthrax was formed in 1981 and immediately made a name for themselves with their 1983 debut album Fistful Of Metal. From that point, the band would have a successful period that lasted through the early '90s, with several high-profile releases, including Spreading The Disease, Among The Living, and Persistence Of Time.

New Vocalist:

In 1992, longtime vocalist Joey Belladonna left Anthrax and John Bush replaced him, shifting the band’s sound to a thrash/grunge hybrid that landed 1993’s Sound Of White Noise at #7 on the Billboard charts. The rest of the '90s were not as positive for the band, with label troubles and lineup changes.

Short Lived Reunion:

Anthrax’s 2003 album We’ve Come For You All got the band back on track, but Bush would leave, with the returning Belladonna taking his place. The reunion would be short-lived, as Belladonna left for the second time and newcomer Dan Nelson took over the lead vocalist position in 2007.

Bush Returns Briefly, Back To Belladonna:

After Dan Nelson exited the band in 2009, John Bush returned for some live shows. After speculation he would rejoin the band permanently, it was announced in May, 2010 that Joey Belladonna would come back yet again as Anthrax's vocalist for the "Big 4" summer tour dates with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, as well as a new album. Their first album in seven years, Worship Music, was released in 2011. Guitarist Rob Caggiano left the band in 2013.

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Current Anthrax Band Members:

Joey Belladonna - Vocals
Scott Ian - Guitar (Stormtroopers of Death, Damnocracy, Pearl)
Frank Bello - Bass (Helmet)
Charlie Benante - Drums (Stormtroopers of Death)

Former Band Members:

John Connelly - Vocals (1981)
Dirk Kennedy - Vocals (1981)
Jason Rosenfeld - Vocals (1982)
Neil Turbin - Vocals (1982-1984)
Matt Fallon - Vocals (1984)
John Bush - Vocals (1992-2005)
Dan Nelson - Vocals (2007-2009)
Greg Walls - Guitar (1981-1983)
Bob Berry - Guitar (1983)
Dan Spitz - Guitar (1983-94, 2005-2007)
Rob Caggiano - Guitar (2001-2005, 2007-2013)
Joey Vera - Bass (2004-2005)
Danny Lilker - Bass (1981-1984)
Kenny Kushner - Bass (1981)
Paul Kahn - Bass (1981)
Dave Weiss - Drums (1981)
Greg D'Angelo - Drums (1981-1983)

Anthax Discography:

1984 Fistful Of Metal (Megaforce)
1985 Armed And Dangerous EP (Megaforce)
1985 Spreading The Disease (Megaforce)
1987 Among The Living (Megaforce)
1987 I'm The Man EP (Island)
1988 State Of Euphoria (Megaforce)
1990 Persistence Of Time (Megaforce)
1993 Sound Of White Noise (Elektra)
1994 Live: The Island Years (Island)
1995 Stomp 442 (Elektra)
1998 Volume 8: The Threat Is Real (Epitaph)
2003 We've Come For You All (Nuclear Blast)
2004 Music Of Mass Destruction (Live) (Sanctuary)
2005 Alive 2 (Sanctuary)
2007 Caught In A Mosh: BBC Live In Concert (Universal)
2011 Worship Music (Megaforce)
2013 Anthems EP (Megaforce)

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