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Aura Noir - Out To Die Review

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Aura Noir - Out To Die

Aura Noir - Out To Die

Indie Recordings
Out To Die is the latest offering from Aura Noir, a blackened thrash (perhaps thrashed black) metal band from Norway. They have been active since 1993, this is their fifth full-length recording. The band members proudly refer to themselves as the “ugliest trio in the world,” and have certainly produced some well-crafted disgust on this latest offering, distilling their hateful impulses and aggressive tendencies into a rather fine vintage.

Aura Noir have received a great deal of praise in the underground European scene, and have enjoyed cult status since their earliest beginnings. Their previous release, Hades Rise, garnered much more mainstream attention and led to the band touring North America for the first time in their career last year. With a much larger potential audience, Aura Noir have risen to the challenge and allowed their previous success to infuse even more energy into Out To Die.

“Priest's Hellish Fiend” features some fantastic solo work as well as a crisp, galloping pace that speaks directly to a headbanger's neck muscles. “Grin From The Gallows” is one of the record's highlights, showcasing the band's filth-encrusted lyrical themes as well as their musical defiance. The guitar work on the entire album is refreshingly technical, full of complex riffs that spill over themselves as naturally as a spray of arterial blood.

Aura Noir find themselves at a very fine balance. Their sound bring out all of the best parts of the underground scene – the grime, the honesty, the sweat- and feedback-drenched tones -- and unites it with some of the skills and confidence of a band that has enjoyed greater exposure and grown from it. Raw and gutsy, with just the right amount of refinement, with Out To Die Aura Noir have produced an album that is as carefully weighted as it is enjoyable. I hope this trend continues with future releases.

(released March 27, 2012 on Indie Recordings)

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