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Blessthefall - 'Witness'

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Blessthefall - Witness

Blessthefall - Witness

Fearless Records
Since their 2007 full-length debut His Last Walk, Blessthefall has had a major lineup change. Gone is vocalist Craig Mabbit, who is now in Escape The Fate. Former Take The Crown singer Beau Bokan joins the band as their new vocalist for Witness.

Blessthefall’s style is on the melodic side of metalcore, but they also pack some power. Witness blends pummeling breakdowns and screaming vocals with catchy choruses and plenty of melody. They are at their best on songs like “FiveNinety,” which have heavy guitars and immense breakdowns alternating with accessible melodies. It’s a standard formula in the genre, but Blessthefall executes it flawlessly.

Bokan’s melodic vocals are good, and bassist Jared Warth’s screams are also very effective, and could be utilized even more. Bokan’s pipes are showcased on “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted,” a power ballad with giant hooks and all melodic singing, a very mainstream sounding track. The album ends with “Stay Still,” another radio-friendly anthem.

There’s some filler, but for the most part Witness is an engaging metalcore/post-hardcore effort. Blessthefall’s songwriting has improved, the production from Elvis Baskette (Incubus, Chevelle) is crystal clear, and the Phoenix, Arizona band’s music definitely appeals to the masses.

(released October 6, 2009 on Fearless Records)

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 5 out of 5
sooo good!, Member rockrgrrlie

i love blessthefall, this album is their best so far. i bought it today!

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