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Between The Buried And Me - 'The Great Misdirect'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Between The Buried And Me - The Great Misdirect

Between The Buried And Me - The Great Misdirect

Victory Records

The Bottom Line

Full of musical twists and turns, Between The Buried And Me impresses with their latest CD The Great Misdirect.
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  • Evokes the sound of a band truly coming into their own.
  • Balances technicality with emotion.
  • Occupies an inimitable, unique headspace.


  • Not an immediate listen.
  • The brutality and melody seem a bit at odds with one another.


  • Released on October 27th, 2009 on Victory Records.
  • Between The Buried And Me’s fifth LP.
  • Produced by Jamie King.

Guide Review - Between The Buried And Me - 'The Great Misdirect'

How do you measure the rate at which North Carolina’s Between The Buried And Me have progressed since their humble, metalcore beginnings in 2001? With an emotional and musical depth as vast as the Grand Canyon, the answer truly must in miles, not yards, because this sickeningly talented quintet have almost single-handedly changed the landscape of what “extreme” acts are allowed to experiment with when it comes to the inclusion of such “taboo” elements as melody and progressive instinct. Great Misdirects all this and more, defying all expectations while defining its own place in the heavy metal pantheon.

While the initial buzz behind BTBAM—an acronym by which the band is affectionately known—first began on their 2003 effort Silent Circus album which grew on this reviewer more and more with subsequent listens), it was on the two records which followed where the group’s star truly began to rise and shine. Over a mere three years, Between The Buried And Me released Alaska (2005) and Colors (2007), two full lengths which cemented their reputation as the underground’s most promising and unique acts. This, combined with their 2006 covers record The Anatomy Of, which featured deconstructions of such varied acts as Depeche Mode, Queen, Metallica and Motley Crue garnered BTBAM almost universal praise from everyone with ears and a heartbeat, and rightly so: this band was something special.

While The Great Misdirect is faced with the tall order of following up said massive full lengths, it’s more than up to the challenge, and succeeds in offering further credence to all of the hype placed at the band’s collective feet. While it’s true that this album takes a bit to kick in, once it does, the result is almost narcotic: that happy and hazy feeling one gets when faced with pure musical bliss.

For the talent and inspiration behind Between The Buried And Me’s songwriting is almost limitless; each song here takes so many twists and unexpected turns, one almost feels like The Great Misdirect is moving in a million different directions all at once…only in the best possible way. From technical death metal/core, to melodic rock passages to thick, bluesy jams, The Great Misdirect rarely, if ever misfires. If anything, the inclusion of the really heavy sections seem almost as an afterthought; a kowtowing to those who still feel urge to try and “mosh” to this band who have obviously moved miles past the metalcore scene from which they were initially spawned.

Still, maybe it is this dichotomy which truly defines Between The Buried And Me; a band who are ever at odds with sonic dogma, and yet continue to smash down walls and open minds despite all preconceived notions about how “this music” is supposed to sound. Between The Buried And Me simply have no peers within a genre all their own.

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