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Black Anvil - 'Time Insults The Mind'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Black Anvil - Time Insults The Mind

Black Anvil - Time Insults The Mind

Relapse Records

The Bottom Line

Forward thinking band that expands the definition of black metal with a bold approach and spirit of individualism.
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  • Free-spirited writing unrestrained by black metal orthodoxy.


  • Fans of lo-fi black metal might find the clean production off-putting.


  • Released September 1, 2009 on Relapse Records.
  • This is their debut album.
  • The band hails from New York City.

Guide Review - Black Anvil - 'Time Insults The Mind'

If black metal advances the notion of individual strength and freedom, then why do the majority of its artists allow themselves to operate under a collective mindset of group think? Far more dynamic, layered and textured than one-dimensional isolationist one-man black metal elitists, and more grimy, intense and authentically metal compared to polished symphonic or goth black metal, Black Anvil jumps out as one of America’s most interesting new black metal bands in years largely because they have a unique sense of identity.

Purists may cry foul because Black Anvil has torn up the codified rule book, and granted, there are many parts that don’t sound black metal aside from the vocals. Often times they project qualities of death metal, heavy metal and even dashes of rock with a southern twist. So while it may be up for debate as to whether or not they’re black metal, they are unquestionably bold enough to integrate various metallic stylings into a coherent whole filled with black metal’s ominous aura. Throughout Time Insults The Mind, it’s actually aggressive and heavy enough to make them paradoxically more accessible to a broader metal audience fit for the American marketplace.

In “Deathsomnia,” they tip their hat to the Entombed school of death ’n roll, marching forth with a memorable melodic groove. And while “On This Day Death” might not be one of the most clever song titles, it’s a captivating track highlighted by some galloping Maiden riffs. Another track worthy of mention is their individualized stamp on the album-closing cover of Celtic Frost’s “Dethroned Emperor.”

The songwriting could be stronger, but for a debut, Time Insults the Mind is remarkable and without any notable chinks in its armor. For those who like their black metal packaged in lo-fi production exclusively, however, the crisp ’n clean sound may be off-putting.

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