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Bullet For My Valentine - 'Fever'

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Bullet For My Valentine - Fever

Bullet For My Valentine - Fever

Jive Records

The Bottom Line

Welsh act lend mall-metal some much needed musical credibility.
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  • Songwriting level above all their peers.
  • A deft balance of musical aggression versus commercial melody.
  • Proof that the band was no passing fad.


  • The hyper-aggression of 'Scream Aim Fire' is a little missed.


  • Released April 27th, 2010 on Jive/Sony.
  • This is Bullet For My Valentine’s third LP.
  • Produced by Doc Gilmore.

Guide Review - Bullet For My Valentine - 'Fever'

Though Wales’ own Bullet For My Valentine turned up the intensity for the ultra-aggro Scream Aim Fire follow up to their 2005 gold-selling debut The Poison, 2010 sees the modern metal act performing more of a stylistic balancing act on Fever, the quartet’s third LP for the Sony label.

Said tightrope act deals with the adjustment Scream Aim Fire’s delightfully over-the-top approach to songwriting—indeed, the album was viciously pissed ‘n massively melodic in all the right places—with a delivery more reminiscent of Bullet’s more commercial-sounding origins.

Fever doesn’t fail, fall or trip over itself, however; instead stressing upon how well the band works as a unit, composing songs which simply deliver their message with anthemic, memorable gusto, and a heritage-minded, traditional heavy metal sensibility.

This dogged determination by Bullet For My Valentine to be as widely appealing as possible works in their favor, of course, but does so with a musical credibility which can’t be denied. No, these songs are well-written and well-performed, featuring kick-quick harmonic guitar lines, punishing drums and the elusively sweet vocals of front/axe man Matt Tuck. This devil-may-care determination for detail should be commended simply for how much higher this material stands over so many of its contemporaries.   Truly: when it comes to this style of music, Bullet For My Valentine have no equal.

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