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Baroness - The Red Album

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Baroness - The Red Album

Baroness - The Red Album

Relapse Records
Savannah, Georgia's Baroness has released a few EPs and toured with bands including Municipal Waste, Kylesa and Alabama Thunderpussy. They've signed with Relapse Records and released their first full-length CD.

The Red Album is an eclectic and epic album. The songwriting is a diverse mix of heavy guitars, acoustic guitars, metal, prog, doom and many other elements. There are instrumentals on the album, and the songs with vocals still have a lot of extended instrumental jams that are sometimes proggy, other times doomy, and a few times even twangy with a southern rock influence.

Comparisons will and have been made between Baroness and bands like Mastodon, Isis and Pelican. While they do have some similiarities to those groups, they also have their own unique style. Their combination of excellent musicianship, creative songwriting and willingness to experiment makes for a compelling and interesting CD.

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