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Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing Review

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Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing

Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing

Victory Records
San Diego, CA-based deathcore band Carnifex are back with Until I Feel Nothing, their fourth career full-length and their third album with Victory. Vocalist/founding member Scott Lewis has stated that he wanted this fourth record to serve as a kind of retrospective, a way of combining all of the sounds and influences they incorporated into their last three albums. What they have come up with in Until I Feel Nothing is a release that values brutality above all.

This is definitely Carnifex’s blackest metal album to date. Until I Feel Nothing is characterized by icy, buzzing guitars and drumming swarming with blast beats. Scott Lewis has also changed up his vocals, often opting to trade in his usually deep, guttural roars for thinner, higher black metal shrieks and an overall raspier sound.

Whenever a choice needed to be made, the band opted to go with whatever was heavier. The drums are the centerpiece in the mix, defined by earth-shaking double bass. There are also plenty of breakdowns (where the “core” in their genre comes from), though they are mostly well placed.

Occasionally, the album wanders off into these synth-heavy, dreary melodic passages that break up the flow. There’s a particularly bad one in the middle of “Creation Defaced.” It’s a clear attempt to introduce a more haunting, creepy element to the music, but it mostly feels like an interruption.

Carnifex have a reputation for brutality to maintain and have certainly upheld it. They make it clear they think disemboweling their audience would be super-fun, and assault their eardrums as much as possible.

(released October 25, 2011 on Victory Records)

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