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Dunderbeist - Songs Of The Buried Review

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Dunderbeist - Songs Of The Buried

Dunderbeist - Songs Of The Buried

Indie Recordings
The Norwegian rock/metal band Dunderbeist just released their third album Songs Of The Buried. Their previous album, Black Arts And Crooked Tails, is still a great effort by any stretch, but it tends to be a little too much all over the place.

Dunderbeist really managed to find their groove on Songs Of The Buried. The song material as a whole is compact and concise, while retaining the band’s trademark snappy hooks and  tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s a winning combination, superbly highlighted by tracks like “Mongrel,” “Acheron” and “Enter Exile.”

Dunderbeist’s charm is hard to resist as they take the best elements from doom, thrash, black, death metal and even some rock and roll. One one hand, Songs Of The Buried sounds awfully familiar, but luckily it contains fresh ideas to keep thing firm and fruity. Also the energetic and enthusiastic delivery of songs like “The Hidden One” and “Centuries” enhance the charm factor of this album.

The band hired Alan Douches (Mastodon, Converge) to handle the mastering duties. He gave Songs Of The Buried a gritty yet snappy sound, thus enhancing the rock and roll factor of the album.

Songs Of The Buried may not be a metal classic, but it’s a thoroughly enjoyable and downright fun record. Pour yourself a nice cold beer, raise your first in the air and before you know it you’ll be roaring along with the songs from Norway’s finest.

(released November 20, 2012 on Indie Recordings)

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