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Terror - Live By The Code Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Terror - Live By The Code

Terror - Live By The Code

Victory Records
What is striking about Los Angeles based Terror’s sixth album Live By The Code is how far they have come in not re-inventing themselves per-se, but building on a sound that could otherwise be too constrained.

The opening track “The Most High” sets the pace of the record with a mid-tempo groove and head bobbing riffs instead of the assaulting, circle pit influencing style of hardcore that Terror has done quite well. Among the more notable aspects that stands out is Scott Vogel’s voice. He is direct and unrestrained without that hint of hesitation that leads others in the genre; what Vogel says is what he whole-heartedly means.

With a great flow, the album transitions seamlessly track by track. Songs such as “I’m Only Stronger” continue the strong head bobbing groove of the album, with another mid-tempo beauty “Hard Lessons” adding to the record’s strength. Those looking for classic Terror moments will revel with songs like “Invasions,” “The Good Die Young” and “Nothing In Your Hand.”

Not a step back, but a step forward, Live By The Code, is a part of the band’s maturing process, as well as a part of their continued message. Keep music pure, keep it strong, and keep it in your hearts. That's epitomized by much of the album’s vocal content. Vogel’s lyrics do not stray much from previous albums. Writing songs about the music you perform has its pitfalls, but without hesitation, Terror fans would be disappointed by anything else, thus this is Terror true to form.

Live By The Code is a great continuation of the music that Terror makes; a philosophy that never lets up and one that will never fade away, very much what this record is, a testament to their love of hardcore.

(Released April 9, 2013 on Victory Records)

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