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Aeon - Rise To Dominate

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Aeon - Rise To Dominate

Aeon - Rise To Dominate

Metal Blade Records
Even though they've been around since 1999, this is only Aeon's second full-length release. The Swedish death metal band's debut was on a smaller label, and now they've moved to Metal Blade Records and are ready to make an impact in the world of extreme music.

Rise To Dominate is technical death metal with cutting riffs, clever solos and an air of menancing brutality. The songs are intense, yet have some catchy moments. Aeon wisely varies the tempos from blazing fast to crushingly slow, which helps avoid monotony. A couple songs sound like they are on cruise control, but for the most part are powerful with a real impact.

Tommy Dahlstrom's vocals are the typical death metal growls, but his delivery makes the hateful and blasphemous lyrics perfectly understandable, which is rarely the case in this genre. Dan Swano (Opeth, Dark Funeral, Marduk) mixed and mastered the CD, and he did a nice job showcasing Aeon's musicianship without putting too much polish on it. Rise To Dominate shows that Aeon is one of the up and comers in death metal.

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