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Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge

Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge

Napalm Records
In the recent past there have been folk metal CDs in subgenres like Tolkien metal (based on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien) and forest metal. Now we can add the glorious subgenre of pirate metal! Fortified with plenty of liquid courage and featuring a keytar playing vocalist, the Scottish band Alestorm is ready to pillage the masses with their debut.

Captain Morgan's Revenge is a rousing effort. The songs are upbeat tales of drinking, women, treasures, the typical subjects a pirate would sing about. Titles like "Wenches And Mead," and "Set Sail And Conquer" give you an idea of the lyrical inspirations. Along with folk metal, Alestorm amps up the intensity on some of the songs and throws in some thrash riffs and solos.

Influenced by groups like Korpiklaani, Captain Morgan's Revenge can be corny and cheesy, but it's also a lot of fun. Alestorm writes catchy songs, and despite the gimmicky pirate imagery, are talented musicians. This is a really enjoyable CD that will inspire you to drink a pint or two of your favorite beverage.

(released January 29, 2008 on Napalm Records)

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