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Art 238 - Empire Of The Atom

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Art 238 - Empire Of The Atom

Art 238 - Empire Of The Atom

Open Grave Records
Empire Of The Atom is the full-length debut from Art 238, who hail from Cherbourg, France. The band is a trio consisting of vocalist/bassist Morg, guitarist Psychotenia and drummer/sampler Dr. Isotope.

Art 238's music is intense death metal combined with grindcore and industrial. Some songs are super fast with swirling guitars and lightning fast blast beats. Others are mid to slow tempo with a little more groove and the same crushing brutality. Add to that industrial samples and beats, and you have a unique sound.

The production on Empire Of The Atom isn't very crisp, which makes things blend together, especially on the fast songs. There's nothing subtle about Art 238, from their look to their bludgeoning extreme metal with an industrial/electronic vibe.

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