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Behemoth - The Apostasy

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Behemoth - The Apostasy
Century Media Records
After beginning their career as a black metal band in the early '90s, Behemoth has evolved more and more toward death metal with each successive release. The Polish group's latest effort has a few black metal influences, but moves even further towards death metal.

The Apostasy is a crushing album that also has fantastic musicianship. Behemoth also infuses some Middle Eastern influences into a few of the songs, which adds an interesting flavor. Inferno's drumming is really good, and whether he's playing blast beats at lightning speed or keeping a monster groove on the slower songs, his playing is flawless. The songs on this album are really catchy, and the main reason is that are so many different clever riffs packed into each track. Nergal has some interesting solos, but the riffs are what are really memorable.

Speaking of Nergal, his distinctive vocals are a little more raw than on the past couple albums. There's also a guest appearance from Nevermore's Warrel Dane on the song "Inner Sanctum." Between the less produced vocals and the increased speed and intensity on the songs, this is Behemoth's most extreme CD so far, and one of their best.

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