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Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting

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Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting

Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting

Metal Blade Records
Like Job For A Cowboy, Brain Drill released a highly acclaimed EP and signed with Metal Blade. Like Job For A Cowboy, their debut CD came with a lot of hype and anticipation. Their stories are similar, but even though they both fall under the death metal banner, their music is different. Brain Drill plays insanely fast technical death metal/grindcore.

Apocalyptic Feasting features lightning fast and razor sharp riffs played at warp speed. Brain Drill's musical virtuosity and technical skill is amazing. It's not often you talk about a band's bassist, but Jeff Hughell plays a 7 string bass and uses a 10 finger tapping technique that allows him to play incredibly fast.

Musicianship will only take you so far, you must also have the songs to back it up. Otherwise, after a couple of listens you lose interest quickly. Brain Drill has succeeded on that front as well. The songs, while not melodic, have catchy riffs and a decent amount of diversity. Dylan Ruskin's guitar wizardry is compelling and drummer Lord Marco Pitruzzella (Vital Remains) plays at warp speed.

CDs as brutal and extreme as Apocalyptic Feasting aren't for everyone, but if you're a death metal fan who likes bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Brain Drill will be right up your alley.

(released February 5, 2008 on Metal Blade Records)

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