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Brand New Sin - Tequila

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Brand New Sin - Tequila
Century Media Records
It's only appropriate that Brand New Sin's latest offering is called Tequila, because their style of music is good time, "let's have a shot" barroom metal that's perfect for either a party or a bar fight.

Brand New Sin's style is bluesy with plenty of grooves. They've emphasized those grooves and melodies a little more on this album and the songs aren't quite as heavy as on some of their previous releases. Joe Altier's voice is perfect for the band's music. It's both gritty and melodic, just like Brand New Sin. Peter Steele from Type O Negative also makes a guest appearance on a track.

This is an album of straightforward American metal and hard rock. And for you classic rock fans, Brand New Sin closes this album with a wicked cover of the Animals classic "House Of The Rising Sun."

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