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Bring Me The Horizon - Count Your Blessings

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Bring Me The Horizon - Count Your Blessings
Earache Records
This is the debut from the British band Bring Me The Horizon. They are very popular in their home country, being voted "Best British Newcomer" in the 2006 Kerrang Awards. They also have a huge MySpace following and were the only British band besides Coldplay to land in the MySpace Top 100 for 2006.

I can see how Bring Me The Horizon and their CD Count Your Blessings would appeal to that type of audience. Their sound is heavy, yet has catchy melodies and some decent riffs and solos. They are a metalcore band and are also sometimes labeled deathcore.

To me, Bring Me The Horizon's music is alright, but way too generic and repetitive. Every song sounds similar, and there are way too many breakdowns. There is some variety in the vocals, with hardcore style yells, death metal growls and higher pitched screams. There are a couple songs that stand out, but the majority of them run together and are extremely forgettable.

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