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Cradle Of Filth - Thornography

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Cradle Of Filth - Thornography
Roadrunner Records
Thornography begins like you'd expect a Cradle Of Filth CD to, with an ominous classical intro straight out of a horror movie. But after the first song, there are some twists and turns and different styles than the usual COF release.

This CD will be criticized by some because the band continues to move away from their black metal origins and toward gothic and more mainstream metal. The blast beats are nearly gone, but the symphonic atmosphere and Dani Filth's subversive lyrics remain. Most of the songs are very accessible and melodic with thrash guitars and a combination of singing and harsh vocals.

Lending their talents to the album are HIM's Ville Valo on the song "The Byronic Man" and longtime collaborator Sarah Jezebel Deva. Perhaps the most unusual song is album's closer, a cover of the '80s new wave song "Temptation," done originally by Heaven 17.

While devotees of the band argue on message boards over whether Thornography is a travesty and a regression for a band selling out or a brillant progression of a band experimenting with new ideas, in reality it's somewhere in between. If you're expecting an evil black metal opus you'll be disappointed. But if you can deal with a diverse, melodic and more accesible Cradle Of Filth, check this one out.

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