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Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


After the Hoffman brothers left Deicide before their last album, guitarists Jack Owen (Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla (Death, Iced Earth) stepped in nicely to fill the void. Santolla has left the band to join Obituary, but he did do a lot of guest guitar work on this Deicide CD.

Till Death Do Us Part continues down the path of The Stench Of Redemption, but doesn't quite live up to it. The CD is bookended by two instrumentals. In between are 8 tracks of extreme death metal. Owen and Santolla once again do an excellent job with the riffs and solos, and in addition to writing all the music, producing and mixing the CD, drummer Steve Asheim plays guitar as well.

Bassist/vocalist/evil dude Glen Benton's imposing growl is in full effect, and he spews anger, hate and blasphemy as passionately as ever. Till Death Do Us Part is a rock solid death metal CD that should satisfy Deicide fans, but didn't quite reach the heights (or depths) I expected.

(released May 13, 2008 on Earache Records)

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