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Demon Hunter - Storm The Gates Of Hell

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Demon Hunter - Storm The Gates Of Hell

Demon Hunter - Storm The Gates Of Hell

Solid State Records
One of the many myths uninformed people have about heavy metal is that all the bands in the genre are evil and satanic. There are plenty of artists that fall under that banner, plenty that have no religious message or affiliation at all, and plenty that are Christians. Demon Hunter falls into the latter category.

Storm The Gates Of Hell is the Seattle, Washington metalcore band's fourth full-length. It's a step forward from their last release. They have really stepped up their songwriting. The tracks are a diverse mix of metallic riffs and warm melodies. They avoid the typical by the book generic metalcore of many of their peers and add touches of thrash and hard rock to try to forge a slightly unique sound.

The songs are very accessible with singalong choruses and big hooks. Demon Hunter has a lot of mainstream appeal, but still have enough metal to satisfy fans that want a little harder edge. Harsh yells, shoutalongs and melodic singing along with excellent songwriting make Storm The Gates Of Hell one that Demon Hunter fans will really enjoy.

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