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Destroy Destroy Destroy - 'Battle Sluts'

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Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle Sluts

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle Sluts

Blackmarket Activities
On their second CD Battle Sluts, Nashville, Tennessee's Destroy Destroy Destroy has polished and focused their unique sound.

Blending epic power metal with thrash and more extreme genres, Destroy Destroy Destroy writes diverse and compelling music. Their songs are sometimes orchestral and majestic with lots of keyboards, and other times harsh and intense with blast beats and breakdowns.

The area that's improved most from their debut to Battle Sluts is the catchiness of the songs. Their diversity has never been in doubt, but now there are more memorable hooks and better melodies. Songs like "The Return Of The Geishmal Undead" go from Viking drinking songs to filthy black metal and back again.

Instead of melodic power metal style singing or thrashy barking, the majority of the vocals are black metal rasps that are harsh but understandable. There are also some gang vocals and a bit of melodic singing.

Battle Sluts is my first CD review of 2009, and hopefully it's a harbinger of a good year, because it's an excellent CD that fans of genres from power to folk to thrash can enjoy.

(released January 6, 2009 on Blackmarket Activities)

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