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Destroy Destroy Destroy - Devour The Power

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Destroy Destroy Destroy - Devour The Power
Blackmarket Activities
Probably the last genre you'd expect a metal band from Murfeesboro, Tennessee to play would be Viking metal. But that's one of the many genres this versatile band incorporates into their sound.

The Viking influence comes with spoken word interludes and lyrics talking about battles, mythical beasts and lost worlds. Destroy Destroy Destroy also has a lot of Bay Area thrash influences along with European melodic death stylings. Power metal is another genre their music encompasses with frenetic guitar shredding, epic arrangements and atmospheric keyboards.

The vocals on Devour The Power are mostly high pitched black metal style rasps, but there are also lower pitched death metal growls and the aforementioned spoken word interludes and gang shouts. By the end of the CD you're not sure whether you should pick up your axe and head into battle or jump into the mosh pit, but you will be sure that it's a brutal and diverse effort.

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