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Diamond Head - Borrowed Time

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Diamond Head - Borrowed Time

Diamond Head - Borrowed Time

Metal Mind Productions
Diamond Head were an early New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band who didn't have a massive amount of success, but were hugely influential. One of their biggest fans was Lars Ulrich, and Metallica ended up covering several Diamond Head songs.

Borrowed Time was originally released in 1982. Being such huge influences on Metallica you might expect their sound to be thrashier, but they are very melodic with a '70s vibe. There are also some very progressive songs such as "Don't You Ever Leave Me," and the title track is a NWOBHM classic. Of course "Am I Evil" is the most known track on this CD since it was covered by Metallica.

In addition to the original 7 tracks, this version of Borrowed Time includes some previously unavailable b-sides, a couple of live tracks and a 1982 interview with Sean Harris and Colin Kimberly. Although not their best album, this is still an important release in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pantheon, and also one that will appeal to Metallica fans who may be curious to hear from where their idols got so much inspiration.

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