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Dir En Grey - The Marrow Of A Bone

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Dir En Grey - The Marrow Of A Bone
Warcon Records
2006 was a big year for Dir en grey. The Japanese band got a lot of good exposure on the Family Values tour and their song "Saku" was named the number 1 video of 2006 by Headbanger's Ball. Dir en grey already has a very loyal U.S. fanbase, and their latest effort will expose them to even more metal fans.

Dir en grey's sound is ever evolving, and The Marrow Of A Bone is no exception. It's diverse, ranging from intense metal with shredding guitars and tons of breakdowns to slower, almost psychedelic ballads. I like this album a little better than last year's Withering To Death. The harder edged songs are really brutal, but no matter how aggressive the style, Dir en grey still has a lot of really catchy riffs and hooks.

Kyo's vocals on this album are balanced between screaming and singing. He is able to let loose with frenzied and angry yelling, but also deliver solid melodic singing. The Marrow Of A Bone is an album for all moods. No matter if you're sad and mellow or pissed off and want to break stuff, there's a song for you. My personal favorite tracks on the album are "The Fatal Believer" which has a great groove and a nice combination of the melodic and screaming vocals, and "The Pledge," with its power and grace and Depeche Mode-esque riff.

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