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Dir En Grey - 'Uroboros'

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User Rating 5 Star Rating (1 Review)


Dir En Grey - Uroboros

Dir En Grey - Uroboros

The End Records
When it comes to Japanese metal, Dir en grey has become the favorite of American fans. With each album their North American fan base grows, and they've toured here several times as well. Their seventh studio album is Uroboros.

After an interlude, Dir en grey makes the bold choice of starting the album with the nearly 10 minute epic "Vinushka." With several catchy tracks in the three to four minute range, it's a risk that yields mixed results. "Vinushka" is a good representation of the entire album. It's a combination of intense metal, dark melodic rock and a lot of experimentation.

On the other hand, it's a bit bloated and repetitive. Uroboros has a lot of clever and creative moments, but self-indulgence rears its head at times as well. There are times when everything comes together perfectly. On songs like "Stuck Man," brutal riffs are offset by catchy melodies. Experimentation is tempered by hooks, and the vocals combine death metal growls and higher pitched shrieks.

Speaking of vocals, Kyo once again gives an excellent performance. His melodic singing is showcased on "Ware, Yam Tote," and he sings with a lot of emotion and expression. He also delivers potent growling and screaming vocals.

Uroboros is a solid album that fans should enjoy, but with a little streamlining and less repetition could have been even better.

(released November 11, 2008 on The End Records)

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Dir En Grey: Uroboros, Member Joshilicious

The album Uroboros by Dir En Grey, is an excellent experience. This album is a bit softer at times than their older stuff, which was intended by the band. This album really can be described as one word: bipolar. The album starts off with the song Sa Bir, which is pretty much instrumental. You can hear the experimental instrument, the electric sitar. Kyo, the lead singer, really does a lot with his vocals in this album, and it is by far the best performance by him. The first song is soft, and then goes into the next track, Vinushka, starting off softly, then changes from heavy to soft, from heavy to soft. Infact, the whole alum is like this. Like I said: bipolar. But it all seems to work out, and sound nicely when you listen to the album. This album has a way more Asian feel to it, as they added oriental instruments and sounds, which makes it more unique and exciting. Kyo's voice, as I mentioned earlier, is amazing. His vocals range from very high, to pretty low notes, and crazy high-pitched squeals and low growls is present through the album, making Kyo one of the most talented vocalists I've ever heard. And of course, the guitar parts are great like always, but in this album, there are catchier tunes and chords. The instrumentalists played together well for their pretty tricky rhythms and beats, and you really do wonder why they are not on Guitar Hero. That is why the album, Uroboros, by Dir En Grey, is the best album to come out this year. A series of great vocalist parts, and amazing instrumentals, makes this album interesting, unique, and may I say it again? Amazing. The music is darker, and moodier, which seems to match the style of the band, and it really makes you feel something. So, Dir En Grey's intentions got across, making this album, no doubt, a success.

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