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Dismember - Dismember

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Dismember - Dismember

Dismember - Dismember

Regain Records
Some bands are constantly reinventing their sound and image, and you never are sure what to expect from CD to CD. Dismember are not one of those bands. The Swedish death metal veterans consistently deliver quality, old school death metal, and their latest is no exception.

Dismember features crushing death metal punctuated by extended riffing and some really good guitar solos. This is a little heavier and darker than Dismember's last CD, but you'll hear enough melody and groove to temper the thundering barrage. Even though Dismember can get very brutal, they are adept at putting in interesting elements and arrangements into their songwriting.

Matti Karki is an excellent vocalist. His powerful growls have a lot of emotion, but he also changes up his delivery so everything doesn't sound the same. He's also reasonably understandable for a death metal vocalist. Dismember is another rock solid effort from an old school death metal band that rarely disappoints.

(released April 1, 2008 on Regain Records)

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