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Epica - The Divine Conspiracy

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Epica - The Divine Conspiracy

Epica - The Divine Conspiracy

Nuclear Blast Records
It may have been unique a few years ago, but today there is an abundance of gothic metal bands that have harsh male vocals and ethereal female vocals. It takes a little something extra to stand out from the crowd now, and Epica has that something. The band is from the Netherlands, and The Divine Conspiracy is Epica's fourth full-length.

This album combines a dark, haunting gothic atmosphere with bombastic and symphonic music. The songs are sometimes epic, grand and majestic, other times more subdued and introspective. It's a lengthy album (75 minutes long) that takes the listener through an audio journey that ebbs and flows, rises and falls, and brings something new and interesting around every musical corner.

Vocalist Simone Simons has an excellent voice. She sometimes sings with a clear alto voice that has a flawless tone and a lot of emotion. Other times she sings with an operatic soprano. Guitarist Mark Jansen provides the grunts and screams that are secondary to Simons' singing, but very important in terms of balance and variety. The Divine Conspiracy is Epica's best album to date, and one gothic/symphonic metal fans should really enjoy.

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