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Forefather - Steadfast

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Forefather - Steadfast

Forefather - Steadfast

Seven Kingdoms
It's been four years since we've heard from the UK band Forefather. The brotherly duo of Athelstan and Wulfstan have returned with their fifth album. Forefather may not be familiar to North American fans, but they are well worth checking out.

Steadfast combines black, pagan and folk metal. The songs are heavy and intense, but also very catchy with some memorable riffs. Forefather masterfully blends the darkness of black metal with the lightness of folk metal into music that is both melodic and atmospheric.

The vocals are also diverse. They are a combination of black metal rasps and melodic singing. The lyrics pay homage to their Anglo-Saxon ancestors, with tales of battles and struggles. Steadfast is packed with good songs, with little or no filler. Forefather is band that Viking/pagan/folk/black metal fans will want to check out.

(released March 2008 on Seven Kingdoms)

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