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The Foreshadowing - Days Of Nothing

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The Foreshadowing - Days Of Nothing

The Foreshadowing - Days Of Nothing

Candlelight Records
If you're feeling down in the dumps and need to lift your spirits, this CD is not the solution. Days Of Nothing is the debut from the Italian gothic metal band The Foreshadowing, and it is so sad it aches.

The songs are melancholy and downbeat gothic metal with influences of doom. Catchy melodies are darkened by atmospheric keyboards and downtuned guitars. The tempos are slow and slower, but the songs don't drag, they majestically move ahead as you savor every dark note.

Marco Benevento is The Foreshadowing's vocalist, and he sings with a crystal clear baritone full of emotion. His voice reminds me of a combination of the singers from eighties bands Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears. Days Of Nothing is a moody and melancholy CD, but sometimes you need to wallow in the darkness, and this is the perfect companion for a dark winter day.

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