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Forever In Terror - Restless In The Tides

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Forever In Terror - Restless In The Tides
Metal Blade Records
When their record label Metal Blade was founded 25 years ago, the members of Forever In Terror weren't even close to being born. The Ohio band's members are barely old enough to vote and until recently could only tour on weekends and in the summer because they had to go to high school.

Their debut album is Restless In The Tides, which is alternately brutal and pretty. Forever In Terror's sound has a lot of metalcore elements, with big breakdowns and really powerful drumming. The songs are intricate and surprisingly well crafted and mature for a band so young. Aggressive and intense songs suddenly shift into mellow and melodic mode before cranking up again. It's an effective way to avoid monotony.

The vocals are mainly aggressive yells and screams. You'll also hear melodic singing and even a guest appearance from Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter. I like what I hear so far from Forever In Terror, and as they fully develop their own sound and style will be even better.

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