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Funeral - From These Wounds

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Funeral - From These Wounds
Candlelight Records
It's been a rough few years for the Norwegian doom metal band Funeral. In 2003 their bassist Einar Frederiksen committed suicide. After a nearly four year hiatus, the band regrouped to record this CD. Then in October, 2006, guitarist and founding member Christian Loos passed away at the age of 31.

From These Wounds is a melancholy, emotional and somber funeral doom CD. The songs are slow and majestic, full of sadness and longing. The arrangements are stylish, with orchestral keyboards adding atmosphere to the plodding, downtuned riffs. The music is sometimes dark and intense, other times mellow and almost ethereal.

Vocalist Frode Forsmo has the ideal voice for Funeral's style of music. He has a baritone voice with an understated delivery, and when he sings in a higher tenor voice, it adds a lot of extra passion and emotion to the songs. From These Wounds is one of those CDs that has plenty of intensity, but also has the ability to affect the emotions of the listener, which can make for a powerful listening experience.

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