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Gojira - The Link

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Gojira - The Link
Listenable Records
The French band Gojira really broke through with their 2006 CD From Mars To Sirius. It got great reviews and the band has done some major tours in the past year. For those North American fans who never got the chance to hear Gojira's earlier material, their second CD, 2003's The Link has been remastered and re-released.

Gojira has a unique sound, and their second CD was just as good as From Mars To Sirius. They have a lot of thrash elements in their songs, including some really memorable riffs. Their songwriting is really inventive and doesn't use the usual verse, chorus, verse structure. There are a lot of unusual and almost proggy parts on The Link including long instrumental sections, strange keys and unusual rhythm patterns.

This is a really eclectic CD that has everything from dreamy acoustic interludes to fast thrash songs and nearly everything else in between. Those who recently discovered and like Gojira will definitely want to delve into their back catalog, including this excellent album.

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