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Gorgoroth - Under The Sign Of Hell

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Gorgoroth - Under The Sign Of Hell

Gorgoroth - Under The Sign Of Hell

Regain Records
Gorgoroth's first three full-length CDs have been remastered and re-released by Regain Records. Under The Sign Of Hell was their third album, and originally released in 1997.

After sharing vocal duties with Hat on their previous release, Pest took over as the sole vocalist on Under The Sign Of Hell. He mixes in some melodic vocals in addition to his hellish high pitched rasp. This album has the traditional Gorgoroth sound that mixes in melody amongt the anger and darkness, but is also the band's most harsh and aggressive to date.

Razor sharp riffs and pounding blast beats slice through the dark atmosphere and ambient noises. Infernus really shines on this one with really good guitar work, and mixes in some thrashy parts. Under The Sign Of Hell was Gorgoroth's best album, with a great (some say their best) lineup, excellent songwriting and solid musicianship.

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