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Hellyeah - Hellyeah

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


Hellyeah - Hellyeah
Epic Records
Hellyeah is a supergroup of sorts, consisting of Mudvayne's Chad Gray (vocals) and Greg Tribbett (guitar), Nothingface's Tom Maxwell (guitar) and Jerry Montano (bass), and former Pantera and Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul.

Hell Yeah is straight ahead metal with a southern flavor, even though most of the band members aren't from the south. This CD is really a mixed bag. The strongest songs are the uptempo party songs that have an old school vibe. The ballads are not good at all, and when they try to get too extreme it also falls short.

Gray's vocals are decent, and a mix of singing and screaming. The musicianship is rock solid, and the band sounds like they are having fun. The lyrics, however, leave much to be desired. They sound like they were written in about five minutes and are really simple and sometimes cheesy. There are some entertaining moments here and it's great to hear Vinnie Paul behind the drums again, but I expected better results.

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