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In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy
Century Media Records
In This Moment has all the ingredients for success. Their debut album has a lot of very catchy songs that will appeal to fans of metal and rock. In addition, charismatic frontwoman Maria Brink looks great in videos and the album title track screams Headbanger's Ball heavy rotation.

Beautiful Tragedy combines melodic hooks with metalcore breakdowns. There's a nice balance between intense metal, hard rock and ballads. You've heard this style of music many times before, but having a female vocalist adds a different spin. Brink has a great melodic voice, and also has the lungs to pull off the aggressive screaming vocals.

This is an album that's very dynamic in both music and vocals. There are several songs that are very memorable and radio friendly, and In This Moment is a band we'll be hearing and seeing a lot of in 2007.

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