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In This Moment - The Dream

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In This Moment - The Dream

In This Moment - The Dream

Century Media Records
In This Moment made quite a splash with last year's debut CD Beautiful Tragedy. Their mix of hooks and extremity along with the charisma of frontwoman Maria Brink brought them a lot of media attention and garnered some high profile tour slots along with Ozzfest.

Just over year later, they return with their second release. The Dream has some of the same elements of their first CD, but the melodic quotient has been increased quite a bit. They've mostly abandoned metalcore and moved toward rock. There are some heavy songs, but the majority are really mainstream sounding.

What makes these songs more accessible and mainstream is the decreased amount of screaming by Brink. She still wails on a few tracks, but they are usually brief parts and she quickly returns to melodic singing. Most songs have no screaming at all.

In This Moment shows a lot of versatility on the album. "Into The Light" is a ballad, with piano and strings and an excellent vocal performance. They vary tempos and intensities well, and even add things like Middle Eastern influences on a couple of songs.

This was probably the right direction for In This Moment to go. The songs on The Dream are very catchy, and should increase their fan base and appeal to radio. I'm sure there will be cries of "sellout," but those will be equaled or exceeded by the screams of new fans.

(released September 30, 2008 on Century Media Records)

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