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Job For A Cowboy - Genesis

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Job For A Cowboy - Genesis
Metal Blade Records
Job For A Cowboy is a band with a lot of buzz. They released an EP a couple years back and have been doing a lot of touring. They've gathered nearly 150,000 friends on MySpace, and some of their songs have received upwards of two million plays. They're also set to tour as part of this summer's Sounds Of The Underground tour. The question is, does the band's full-length debut live up to the hype?

Job For A Cowboy's sound has evolved from deathcore to straight ahead death metal. Genesis is packed with thundering blast beats and a heaping dose of extremity. Guitarists Ravi Bhadriraju and Bobby Thompson do a good job at creating innovative riffs and play some quick but skillfull solos. Death metal isn't usually a subtle genre, but they manage to insert some subtle guitar harmonies and twists.

Jonny Davy's vocals are low-pitched guttural growls, and you'll also hear some higher pitched screams from time to time. Some of the songs on the album sound fairly similar, and sequencing the tracks to separate songs with similar tempos and textures might have been more effective.

To answer the question I posed in the first paragraph, I would say Genesis mostly, but not completely, lives up to the hype. There are certainly areas for improvement, but Job For A Cowboy have created a very solid full-length debut and have established themselves as a band on the rise.

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