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Kamelot - Ghost Opera

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Kamelot - Ghost Opera
SPV Records
The long running U.S. power metal band Kamelot mixes in some darker influences on their eighth full-length album. Both the music and lyrics have a more gothic feel than their previous work.

Ghost Opera is also very symphonic, with densely layered keyboards that are an integral part of the album. It's a very dynamic album with everything from soft, piano based ballads to epic and bombastic rockers. It's also a more straightforward album when it comes to arrangements. The hooks are front and center, and after a couple of listens the songs really sink their teeth into your brain.

Roy Khan's voice is very expressive, and his tone and power fit perfectly with Kamelot's music. There are also some female vocals on the album, which are a nice touch and add some variety. Kamelot's last album Black Halo was their best, and while Ghost Opera doesn't have the sustained excellence of that album, it is still a strong release.

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