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King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul...Please

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King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul...Please
Metal Blade Records
For over 20 years King Diamond has been a black metal legend, bringing his dark and epic tales to the masses. He's released some classic albums over the years with Mercyful Fate and his solo material. But does the King still reign in 2007?

As you'd expect, Give Me Your Soul...Please is a concept album. The storyline revolves around a brother and sister who are murdered by their father and become spirits. The boy is accused of commiting suicide and is condemned to hell. The sister comes up with a plan to help him get to heaven with her. The music on the album is vintage King Diamond. The songs are dark and melodic power metal with complex arrangements and big hooks.

The guitar work by Andy LaRocque and Mike Wead on the album is excellent, and it's featured a little more than on past albums. The keyboards and orchestration is still very prominent, but overall the guitars get a little more exposure this time. King Diamond has always had a great voice, and he sings mainly in a mid range on this album, but his trademark falsetto is also used quite a bit. Give Me Your Soul...Please is theatrical and cinematic, and although the songs and story are not as compelling as some of his previous albums, there are flashes of brilliance and it's still a strong effort.

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