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Light This City - 'Stormchaser'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Light This City - Stormchaser

Light This City - Stormchaser

Prosthetic Records
After six years and four albums, Bay Area band Light This City has decided to call it a day. They had completed recording for Stormchaser when they announced their breakup, and it will be their swan song.

Stormchaser expertly blends melodic death and thrash. The songs are fast and intense, but also very melodic. Guitarists Brian Forbes and Ryan Hansen unleash precise riffs and screaming solos. Some of the songs gallop along at a relentless pace, others settle into a more comfortable groove.

Vocalist Laura Nichol is a powerhouse, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing from her again in the future. She growls with power, passion and intensity. One of the highlights of the CD is “Firehaven,” which features guest vocals from Testament’s Chuck Billy. Nichol and Billy sound great together. There’s also an appearance from The Funeral Pyre’s John Strachan.

It’s better to go out with a bang than a whimper, and although it’s too bad fans won’t be able to see Light This City play these songs live, Stormchaser is a worthy farewell.

(released November 11, 2008 on Prosthetic Records)

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