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Mägo de Oz - A Costa Da Morte

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Mägo de Oz - A Costa Da Morte

Mägo de Oz - A Costa Da Morte

Locomotive Records
Mägo de Oz is a Spanish band that has been around since 1989 and has been releasing albums since 1994. They have 9 members, including three guitarists, a violinist and a flute/whistle/bagpipe player.

A Costa Da Morte is the band's third live release in the past five years, a double CD set that spans their career from their 1994 self-titled debut through 2002's Folktergeist. Classic rock fans may recognize "Pesando En Ti," or "Dust In The Wind" in English, which was originally done by Kansas back in the day.

Mägo de Oz plays folk metal with strong Celtic influences. They also mix in a fair amount of power metal with soaring guitars and a lot of solos. With 9 members there is a lot going on musically, with layers of guitars, keyboard for atmosphere and the folk instruments adding flavor and a distinct sound. It's interesting to hear Spanish lyrics with this style of music when it's usually English or one of the Scandanavian languages.

Mägo de Oz are hugely successful in their native Spain and pretty well known in Europe, but not that familiar to U.S. metalheads. If you like power metal combined with folk/Celtic metal, they are well worth checking out.

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