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Manes - How The World Came To An End

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


Manes - How The World Came To An End
Candlelight Records
Back in the heyday of nu-metal, rapping on metal albums was commonplace. You don't hear it much these days, but the Norwegian band Manes showcases rap along with numerous other genres on their latest album.

How The World Came To An End is an unusual and sometimes bizarre combination of electronica, metal, industrial, rock, jazz and trip-hop. The songs are experimental and avant-garde, sometimes dancy, sometimes trancy and other times harder edged. It's closer to Depeche Mode than it is to most metal bands.

I can appreciate the band's versatility and willingness to push boundaries, but in the end it was just ok for me. The songs aren't always cohesive, and although there are some very compelling moments, too many times the songs didn't hold my interest. But if you have an open mind and can appreciate an avant-garde industrial approach, you'll get some enjoyment from this album.

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