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Masterplan - MKII

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Masterplan - MKII
Candlelight Records
There have been some major changes for the German power metal band Masterplan on their third album. They've had some lineup changes, including the departure of vocalist Jorn Lande. He's one of the best singers in metal, so his exit is a big loss.

MKII is the rebirth of Masterplan, and power metal fans will appreciate their latest effort. The songs are majestic and bombastic with a lot of giant hooks and melodies. There are orchestrated keyboards that add a lot of atmosphere to the music.

New vocalist Mike DiMeo (Riot) does an admirable job replacing Lande. His voice has a great tone, and his range is pretty good as well. He's very dynamic, showing the ability to belt out songs in his upper range, but also able to deliver more subdued and emotional lyrics. It's a very solid melodic power metal album.

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